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Herbert Innocent

I believe to leave our world a better place, than we found it. We must first unite our humanity. So we can build communites that will provide our families with a better quality of life. I imagine an earth where our families feel safe, happy, and free. 


My Story

I believe the biggest challenges we face in our world today can be solved with successful Entrepreneurship. One of the fundamental skills in entrepreneurship is communication.

So, I help entrepreneurs just like you create messages that resonate with clients, inspiriting them to buy, take action and build client loyalty.

If you really hope to attract more loyal clients, get more bookings consistently, and land meaningful business partnerships then I can definitely help you.

I am are awesome at making your sales message click with clients and my accomplishments include:

Studied Engineering at The University of Trinity College Dublin, get the advantage of using engineering problem-solving skills to take your business to the next level with reliable processes, so you can finally get peace of mind.

Self-Taught Copywriter, because this the absolute best way to communicate your ideas, every entrepreneur needs.

The University Of Trinity College Dublin Global Ambassador - That's the code word for University International Sales Rep selling €30k-40k services.


Get access to my years of experience in selling through guidance, and demonstration so you can remove the frustration from the sales process and get more thank-yous from clients. 

I'm also an entrepreneur, Co-Founder of Ladybird Dynamics,  published Author of Book, Behind The Lens, and a...


Host of The Virtual Entrepreneur podcast dedicated to bringing you Success knowledge from entrepreneurs around the globe. Featuring business experts, world-leading CEOs, and TEDx Speakers. 

Has over 6 years of experience creating visual marketing content for other businesses from services-based businesses to high tech businesses landing big businesses clients like Huawei, Tangent, and LaunchBox, and The University Of Trinity College Dublin, etc.


Has been published in the Irish Times.

He's a Long-distance runner and can be found in the outdoors enjoys traveling and meeting new people. 

When you want to create a sales message that resonates with your ideal customers, inspiriting them to buy from you, I'm the one who can help you click with clients.

I will definitely help you attract more clients, get more bookings consistently, and make more sales. And more importantly, leave your mark on this world.

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